Thursday, May 19, 2011

Watercolour paintings for a fiver

Still doing watercolour sketches for a fiver! drop me a line anytime! (or if you use the donate button, I shall spy your address and send you a surprise!)


A few examples here of what you can get

This one was done for Will Kirkby, He didn't ask for anything in particular, so a fuzzy Juno it is. Its what my hands make when it doesnt know what to do O_O
This one was done for Nattherat, who creates the wonderful "Those of no Class" Beautiful comic, do go read it! This is her Character "Fay"
This one is a little bit extra special. Done for Paul Duffield of Freakangels infamy. He gave a bit extra than a fiver, so I gave a bit extra back!
This one was for Sally Jane Thompson My good buddy and fabulous artist!
And this one was for Jade Sarson. Fanart of her character "Gerry" from her AWESOME webcomic "Cafe Suada" go read it, it's awesome!

Will update more as people recieve them!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Sketch Work

I've been working myself very hard with my sketches. recently I've just let my random sketching dwindle, focusing more on full pieces, one after the other. But it seems recently my ideas have dried up. So I'm going back to basics. Doing studies of various things, just straight into photoshop. Theres something really fun about doing quick fire sketches, no more than 10 minutes for each. here are a few bits I came up with

And just to finish, a speedpainting I did the other day. Just really trying to speed up my work, nothing worse than spending days on something that just doesnt work out. This one took around an hour or so.

Thursday, May 13, 2010



*runs away*

Rich Girl

Very quick speedpaint, roughly an hour overall

Cos rich people have feelings too ;_; (or so I've heard...)

Sapphire - Inside

I did this a good while ago, took longer than I would like considering its not the smoothest quality.

Its a quick concept for the inside of the Sapphire shop, to be seen soon in Between Worlds


AKA, Girl With Sword

The only kinda gal for me!

This one is a quickie, just practicing using smoother linework before adding colour

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Between Worlds Comic Has Site!

Yes, you read that right, my cruel mistress of a comic has its own site!

Go there, and be square my friends!